I  n eve r   fi nis    h
anythi   ng   I    st a rt

i could be wearing a blanket right now but i'm not

letter to my council representative:
hi I live in district 5 and I really would like it to be warmer. please do something about this. the days are short now and that is fine but it's chilly despite the sunshine which looks weak and maybe a little malnourished. is the sun getting its vitamins. please do something about this.
thank you and sincerely, your constituent.

I've been sitting on the sofa struggling with this minor league html and css growing slowly colder and colder like a dim bulb even though there's 1. an actual blanket and also 2. a SLEEVE-ENABLED BLANKET COAT (thanks, internet) sitting on the yellow sofa literally right next to me. tunnel vision? hyperfocus? being silly? the internal feeling of "pain in the ass, don't wanna stop, don't wanna bother," overrules the internal feeling of "hmm my body is shaking at semi-regular intervals and my fingers seem to be numb" which, might, be a bad call, evolutionarily speaking

i will go to great lengths and endure stupid hardships to stay in the zone.
whatever the zone is.

update: had to go pee, finally. being forced to attend to one aspect of my bodily needs allowed me to attend to other aspects of bodily needs and I ate some crackers and am now wearing the SLEEVE ENABLED BLANKET COAT and wow this rules. have returned to beat my head against my minor league html problems with renewed vigor

it is not, of course, the zone i was SUPPOSED to spend my time in today, but

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#exective dysfunction #hyperfocus #blanket coat #diary

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