I  n eve r   fi nis    h
anythi   ng   I    st a rt

dear internet archaeologists,

egg foo young,
mapo tofu,
almond duck,
seaweed soup,
chow fun with veg,
cream cheese wonton (aka crab rangoon without the crab),
asparagus black bean,
hom yu,

spent all my brainpower today on researching where to take the cats to the vet for the fairly serious dental work they both need (optimized the hell out of it), ordering too much food at a cantonese place on crenshaw (flawless decision-making), and on crop placement in stardew valley (eh)

i nominally went to class today. felt a little weird. haven't even logged in to the course system in... at least three weeks. maybe a full month, jesus.

time, and pathological avoidance, march on

changed the passwords for my old livejournal accounts yesterday because lastpass flagged them as hella decrepit and vulnerable, and was thereby forced to confront the existence of my old livejournal accounts

boy that sure was a period of someone else's life.

buddhism is right and we really do die and get reborn every instant. who the hell even was that person, posting those posts. there are some commonalities of interest, of memory, of tendency, but who was she? i ask rhetorically. i don't want to know. i flee her.

in the meantime: will there be a coup? who knows? i try not to expect anything from this year except some bleak and nihilistic laughs as our doomed empire slides down the back end of a broken rollercoaster into a flaming oil-slick sea

and my damned right arrow key is broken again

i hope future archaeologists never figure out how to reconstruct our internet and just stand there going ????? ??? ?? over the completely inexplicable fragments of discourse, memes, etc that survive in print material

i typed out "i hope future archaeologists throw up their hands in frustrated disgust and walk away" and then deleted it because it's not true. i hope future archaeologists have all the time and funding in the world to sit and puzzle over our terrible trash pile. i hope they live in a bright green world with lots of interesting bugs and fresh cool breezes and readily available research grants.

gonna go read alan moore's run of swamp thing and ponder the deep universal interconnectedness of all life / all death

tagged for a future indexing system:
#exective dysfunction #watch me fake-tag every single post with "exective dysfunction" forever #swamp thing #continuity #time #the internet

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