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the utility of god

gods have to let go of their creation, or they will forever warp and stunt its growth.

the garden of eden was never a permanent solution. gods can't coddle and babysit and solve our problems for us for our whole existence. if they did, what meaning would our existence have? we'd be dolls. babies. puppets. surely god has better things to do. surely god has a more expansive imagination than that. surely god wants to watch the authentic, unscripted version of reality television. surely god wants the realest reality there is.

if we were created in god's own image, then: miracles do not happen.

if we were created in god's own image, then: gods can continue to exist only so long as they don't interfere.

so what use is god, if god rendered itself obsolete at the moment of creation? what's the point of having all sorts of gods dripping with omnipotence and omniscience if they aren't allowed to DO anything with it?

and i guess the answer to that depends on how you feel about memory, and about witnesses, and death.

some people say we only truly die once we are forgotten by everyone who ever knew us.

i like that model, even though it gives me achievement anxiety. i'll write a book! it'll be an instant classic! then i'll be remembered! then i'll be immortal! yeah yeah okay. calm down, me, not everyone gets to be sophocles.

but: if god is omniscient and everlasting-- which most people agree that it is-- then god knows us. god remembers us.

god is our witness. god is our memory. god can't do anything, but god can remember. god can't save us from dying, but god will shield us from that final death.

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